Black & white minimalism

Here we are with the second trend of the season and this time we are talking about “black & white minimalism”, but what does it really mean?
By minimalism in the fashion world we mean everything that is simple, clean, this combined with the two aforementioned tones might seem something very classic and perhaps a little anonymous, but in our case it is never like this.

In fact we have decided to embrace this new trend in our own way, that is to say the winning combination of the two nuances and yes to classic garments, but giving it a touch of panache using fantasies to make every single piece unique and fun.
In fact, think of a masculine cardigan, a little over and almost home-made, made of soft and warm wool, worked with a houndstooth design, perhaps with contrasting edges. We will thus have a classic garment, but with that extra that will not make you go unnoticed and that will give you something I don’t know, that we all always look for when we wear something.

For pairing, you can only indulge yourself, in fact playing with only two or three colors, combinations with others become really easy and immediate.