I love Princesse

Romantic, gritty and dynamic this is the DNA of the new Fall-Winter 2019/20 collection.
Princesse Lodo for this Fall Winter 2019/20 season focuses on feminine touches, wide volumes and jacquards with a masculine inspiration.A capsule collection almost entirely dedicated to knitted garments with fine yarns and workmanship studied down to the smallest detail, creating looks that are ok for every situation. Elegance and modernity are the guidelines of the collection. Modern inspirations and a strong masculine appeal give each piece romantic touches but at the same time strong and dynamic.
For this season the creative team has decided to use 4 different yarns: 100% carded wool, for basic garments, softness and volumes give the latter an innovative and never banal touch; a combed wool blend, which with its different jacquard patterns makes each item truly fun and unique; a yarn with angora for a super special micro package where rows and over volumes are the master; last and not least a viscose yarn worked in rib where the squeezed volumes give that touch of femininity so sought after in the collection.
The color palette for this season boasts bright tones such as strong pink and red, pastel shades like blue and powder, all surrounded by super classics that can never be missing.
The shapes range from over to mini while maintaining a feminine taste.
The basic items in the collection contain sophisticated details, making them truly precious and perfect for every situation. Jacquards are the cornerstone and dictate the cult themes of the season.
In short, a collection that speaks in unison and that will remain in the press in the mind.