Kiss under the mistletoe with style …

It’s that time of year when toast, dinners and lunches to celebrate with friends and relatives becomes the order of the day … So what to wear to impress the future mother-in-law or that super-attractive family friend who has long like it?

The look for lunches, aperitifs and Christmas dinners, dear girls, is our business card on which to bet and win by beating the competition. So, what outfit to choose not to disappoint the expectations of relatives and friends?

There are many answers and proposals, but there are two points that we can never lose sight of so as not to make mistakes:

  1. Of course, first of all you need to know which of the three occasions you are in, wearing sequins or high heels for a family lunch would be a little exaggerated.
  2. Last fundamental point, understand who are our “companions” for the event … To be covered with sequins to the mother-in-law or to your boss would not be the best choice.

Having made these two important premises, here are our diktat to be cool, but always with grace and elegance.

Our first suggestion is to exaggerate with too tight clothes, during this period we tend to go out more and maybe even to exceed with toast and sweets, so the “piggy” effect is always lurking. Let’s say then to soft clothes, maybe knit that leave you uncovered legs, so depending on whether you will be with “mom and dad” or with friends just change the accessories and the game will be done.

According vademecum, never be too excessive, you are not going to the disco. So choose your outfit depending on the occasion. At lunch no sequins and vertiginous necklines, for an aperitif a sparkle but in moderation, then a sparkling top or jacket could be mixed but with something more sober, the cubist effect does not like anyone, and finally for a dinner you can show off even a long dress, maybe knit so as not to be exaggerated.

The third and last suggestion, make up but without looking like “Moira Orfei” the nude effect will highlight your natural beauty and your smile that in the joyful moments we are certain will shine with a beautiful light.