Lace mon amour

We think every season is his “last” and then every year we find ourselves wanting to wear it at all costs … What are we talking about? Obviously the non plus ultra of women’s fabrics … Here is Monsieur Lace!

A fabric that has always made us dream, that gives us a pinch of femininity even when we want to feel comfortable, in short, the “healthy touch” of women’s wardrobes.
But why are we so fond of it and why do we constantly want to buy it? The answer is very easy: every year, in some way, it manages to reinvent itself and make us dream.

For this season we wanted to use it as an “accessory” of the shirts, so use it more as an embellishment, but no less important, in fact this fabric has the ability to make each garment different, delicious …

What do you think of our proposals?