Let’s paint our dreams

Every year new trends parade on the catwalks and soon after appear in our favorite boutiques. Like every season, we want to face them with you and choose the ones you really can’t miss. For this capsule collection we focused mainly on the prints, but there are so many of these too…

Those maxi or mini florals, those that recall paintings, the abstract ones and finally those called prints-non-prints, polka dots to understand each other better…

Today we want to make you fall in love with a somewhat classic fantasy, the paisley.
This typically ethnic design was developed with two completely different tastes, in fact you will find it in pastel and military colors.

In the pastel version it takes on a very delicate and romantic connotation and everything is made even stronger by the combination of a different pattern, always in the same nuances.

In the military version, on the other hand, its rendering is more gritty and everyday.

Which one do you prefer?