Sporty chic … Let’s dress knitwear

Yes, never like this year the easy-chic look is a must!
And even if we all love wearing stiletto heels and mini dresses, the casual look is really a “godsend” from time to time.
Luckily this winter season not only offers us some very interesting outfits with this theme, but moreover you can not be more fashionable wearing them.

So yes to jogging trousers, sweaters with sporty references and knitted mini dresses. Comfort every now and then even on the catwalks takes over!

We liked this trend a lot and we have created numerous ad hoc looks, perfect for those gloomy days where you can invite friends for a home-made lunch or to go out for a hot chocolate. And with the right precautions you can also use them for office daily-wear.
In fact, the mini knit dresses will be perfect if worn with a super-opaque tights and a pair of brogues. The same will be the maxi pool worn with a long cardigan or a midi skirt.

So what are you waiting for?