Sporty is chic!

When the easy-chic world of knitwear meets the elegant and refined world of the “Princesses”

Princesse Lodo makes her first appearance in the fashion world with the Fall Winter 2018/19 season.
A capsule collection entirely dedicated to knitted garments with fine yarns and workmanship studied in every detail, creating a look that looks good in every situation. Elegance and modernity are the guidelines of the collection. Modern inspirations and a strong appeal to the “world of princesses” give every single piece romantic touches, but at the same time strong and dynamic.

For this season the creative team has decided to focus on three different yarns: 100% merino wool for combed garments, more elegant and refined; a mixed angora carded for those more sporting and aggressive and a mixed alpaca always carded for those warm and soft, perfect for the coldest periods.

Classic knitwear colors such as camel, grey melange and blue mix with fashion tones such as ruby ​​red, pink and cobalt.

Shapes range from over to mini maintaining a feminine taste.

The basic items in the collection contain very sophisticated details, thus becoming truly precious and perfect for every situation and the development of similar garments in opposite dimensions gives a wide choice.

For this collection a “special package” has been created dedicated to the past Princesses, with this not only recognizing the brand but also giving it a strong fashionable connotation.

In short, a roaring debut for a collection that will not leave you indifferent!