Stripes passion, navy style o sporty chic?

Spring is known about striped moods, whether it’s the classic navy look or the more sporty chic it does not matter, the important thing is to choose the mood that best represents you.
Which one to choose?

Here is the greatest evergreen of the summer season and as every year back to walk the catwalks. But which leaders to choose? Obviously the sweaters with classic blue and white tones are a must to have absolutely, but you can also opt for combinations with red, great protagonist for this collection. Or choose to play with some t-shirts, maybe printed combined with more or less sporty clothes and your look will be perfect.

Never like these years the moods of the sporting appeal are always very much in vogue. But how to combine your sporty garment for a daily look or a chic look?
Choose trousers with an extra-wide shape, obviously striped, to match with sweaters that recall the colors of the row. Or bet on a long dress with side bands. And finally you can choose to opt for sweatshirts with lace carvings, very chic and sporty at the same time. Your outfit will be perfect for any occasion.