Trend alert: matchy-matchy really is in!

Usually this binomial is used to indicate when two people (a couple, two friends, mother and daughter) dress the same way or with the same colors and/or patterns, but we wanted to give it a slightly different, easier meaning. In fact, when we talk about matchy-matchy we mean dressing from head to toe with the same pattern/colour/fabric, in short, wearing suits!
But why is this trend so popular again this season?

We’ll explain it to you right away…Maybe it’s because of the desire for conformity, the need to feel elegant or, as in our case, it’s because we love a nuance, a fabric or a print so much that we want to cover ourselves completely with it.

However, for some of you this could be perhaps a bit too much, because obviously we are not only talking about solid colors in basic fabrics, but this season we want to believe that “exaggerating” can also mean this and that “daring” is fun for all!

Here are some examples:

  • The quintessential suit, welcome back to you TAILLEURS!
    Whether it is, as we are proposing it to you, a jacket and Bermuda shorts combination, typical of the 80s, or whether it is in its more classic version therefore with trousers, it does not matter, this spring by dressing like this you will be hyper chic and trendy!
  • Another possibility, a little more “push”, is to always wear plain colored garments but with textured fabrics, which therefore give a more three-dimensional and strong effect to the look.
  • For the more daring, we offer you a printed total look, we have already told you that this season the print is king, so why not dare?