Which colors choose for next season?

Every change of season brings with it many new features, one of which is certainly the color. These in fact continue to vary and those that were in vogue last year may no longer be good for this winter.

Here is our advice on what are the super fashion nuances and how to wear them depending on the occasion.

This winter will be POP, so the shades of pink, the trends obviously speak of total monochromatic looks, for our experience we advise you to dose it according to your tastes.

Pastel shades are always a certainty for the winter because they give the complexion a very delicate light that makes the skin shine.

Yes also to earth tones, the great classic is the camel, perfect if combined ton-sur-ton or in the most classic way with blacks and cream.

Obviously the most classic nuances like midnight blue, red, anthracite and light gray cannot be missing, beautiful when combined with “fashion” tones or mixed together.

Now you just need to go shopping and renew your wardrobe.

Here are some combinations made especially for you!