Match and match

Sports chic couldn’t be nicer!

Feminine in form, romantic in details and inevitably sporty in the mood; here is the base on which the Princesse Lodo Spring Summer 2020 collection is formed. A capsule collection made up of knitted garments, sweatshirts, dresses and t-shirts mixed with skill to create outfits with a refined, fresh and romantic taste!

Contemporary and feminine are the guidelines for this collection that draws inspiration from the metropolis street style to create ad hoc looks for every situation.

For this season the creative team has decided to focus on three different yarns: 100% cotton for the most spring-like garments, a viscose crepe that gives lightness and a lurex yarn to give that sparkling touch that is always a must.
The colors are the focus of the collection, blue, red and white are the masters mixing with fuchsia, gold, silver and yellow, thus creating a cheerful and gritty mood perfect for the season.

The shapes range from over to mini while maintaining a feminine taste.
Sweatshirts, t-shirts and dresses support the shirts, but at the same time they give that sparkling touch that is essential for the summer season.
The materials used to develop the latter are light but fine, perfect for the first warm and for August evenings.
A collection that speaks therefore in unison and that will remain in the press in the mind.