A rain of sequins

The imperative of the next autumn-winter will be one, and clearly: SHINE!
Shine in the greyness of the city wrapped in a shining head will be the only secret to always stay bright!

Here is our vademecum suitable for all tastes:

  1. for the most daring a sequin bomber paired with a wide trousers with an almost sporty touch is ideal for a casual chic look, for those who love this work but are afraid to dare too much can opt for a sweatshirt or an embroidered t-shirt combined with warm and fluffy sweaters, so you will shine but with more sobriety!
  2. Which color to choose?
    This season speaks of silver and gold, in perfect 80’s style.
    So yes to all the shades of these two colors, from light silver to anthracite, from light gold to chocolate (the paper we mean not the content), the important thing is how to match them. For the first nuance we always recommend the shades of gray, both light and dark, for the second you can choose to make combinations tone-sur-tone with beige or stronger with ruby ​​red. The result is guaranteed anyway.
  3. When to use them?
    For the trend-setters of course the answer is: “when you want, day or evening” the lovers of the sequins are really a passepartout! For those who love to dare, but with more caution, wear them in the evening and your winter nights will shine with their own light!