Effortlessy-chic … be elegant without effort

In the common jargon, in terms of fashion, this slang formula, that is elegant without effort, has long been entered. However, to create “flawless but without too much effort” looks, some tricks must be used. Which ones are they?

  1. The shirt
    If we were to give the concept of chic a shape, it would certainly be that of the shirt. Formal garment par excellence, it immediately elevates any combination. Even a very normal jeans acquires a completely different aspect and this season this item of clothing could not be more in vogue.
  2. The midi skirt
    The feminine garment par excellence and choosing to combine it with a flat shoe or a more sporty garment also allows you to obtain a sophisticated look in no time.
  3. Pants flare
    From skirt to pants, silhoutte can be crucial when looking for an elegant look. Pair it with a flat shoe and a shirt and you’re done.
  4. The total white
    Last great trend for this spring summer season, white is a color that illuminates, gives light and expresses whiteness and freshness.

What are you waiting to try them?