How to match the sweatshirt: here are our tips to be super glamorous

With the right precautions the sweatshirt becomes the perfect garment to show off in the passage, often complicated, between cold and heat: here’s how to combine it ad hoc.

That time of year has come when it is still too cold to treat yourself to “extra light” outfits but it is already too warm to cover yourself with the maxi pullovers that we have worn all winter. The transition to the summer is never so clear and not so easy to deal with from the point of view of the look.

But here she comes to our rescue: the sweatshirt!

A garment that was once “frowned upon” only in sportswear or in free time but which today has taken on a much more glamorous connotation. And that in fact shows off without any limitation even on the most mundane occasions.

How to wear the sweatshirt: with colored trousers

It will also be taken for granted, but one of the sweatshirt’s best friends is always him, the colored trousers. Let yourself be conquered by the most gritty, perhaps printed ones that will give your outfits a decidedly fun and never predictable tone.

How to wear the sweatshirt: with midi skirts
A far from trivial combination, in fact here you can really create a very strong look so as not to go unnoticed. Think of a tulle skirt, maybe even with shiny stripes and combine it with a crop sweatshirt. The result?? Really trensetter!

How to wear the sweatshirt: to dress
Obviously when we think of these garments we usually mean them as “over” to which to combine pants or skirts and we hardly understand them as real “unique garments” but for the easiest occasions a mini sweatshirt dress can solve the look in a flash!