It is time for sales: which occasion can we do?

Shopping, shopping and more shopping! For some time now, the shops have started the sales of the SS 2020 collections and for the more attentive it could be a moment to really take full advantage of. Because first of all you will have the “excuse” to go out once more with your friends that you have seen little in the last few months and then because if you are aware you can buy today and also enrich your autumn wardrobe! What are you waiting for?

Here are our tips not to be missed:

Whether in cotton or viscose, they will be your best friends for summer evenings where the breeze makes you goose bumps; and they will be even more useful for the early autumn periods. The classic colors of blue, white and fuchsia will make sparks with your tanned complexion!

It is unquestionably the most used wardrobe item by all women, versatile and comfortable. Perfect for cool summer evenings or rainy days.

Perfect if combined with a denim short or as an under jacket for autumn.