Cheers Merry Christmas!

After so many celebrations we finally arrived at Christmas day, or almost!
This beautiful day will surely be truly magical and full of joy for everyone, but we all try to find a suitable look that will make us feel beautiful and let’s say the truth also “comfortable”. Lunch and maybe even dinner will be long and the sins of gluttony on this day will really be an obligation. So what to wear to “be beautiful but at the same time comfortable”?

Here are our “rules”

  1. Comfortable and perhaps over clothes will make you feel at ease even if you have a rounder belly than usual
  2. Maxi sweaters with carrot pants will give you a casual chic look, perfect for this occasion
  3. Red can be worn, for those who love it will be the ideal opportunity and for those who “barely stand” will be able to make an exception to the rule and reconsider it. This is the color of Christmas
  4. No to dizzying necklines
  5. No to wrapping clothes, as mentioned above, comfort is a must!