Here we are with the Christmas toasts! What to wear?

And here we are at the most festive month of the year, December! In this period lunches, dinners and aperitifs are almost on the agenda, preparations for the Christmas holidays are raging and everything shines with a magical light. But what to wear to have a perfect look for every occasion?

These are our recommendations for not making mistakes:

  1. Lunches: whether they are working or with friends, the thing to keep in mind is that we are talking about a daily event, so be elegant and sparkling but without overdoing it. So yes to embroidered tulle dresses and knit mini dresses. No sequins and glitter, you’re still talking about something that will take place during the early hours of the day!
  2. Aperitifs: the reason that will take you to this event does not matter, because let’s face it, they all love them and even your looks can be more lively. So you go for a sequin top, a mini dress with feathers or maxi blouses worn with high boots.
  3. Dinners: in this case the occasion of the same can change a lot your outfit, in fact if you talk about a work event you can dare, but always maintaining a refined look; if instead we talk about a dinner with friends, shine will really become your goal!