Here is the most loved evergreen in Spring: Eyelet

In the field of fashion, all designers are always looking for something new or alternative and innovative, but then, all or most of them “fall” into some evergreen that they cannot and do not want to abandon, an example? Obviously broderie anglaise.
But how to make this fabric different every season?

Obviously in this case the designs of the fabric can help, but also the way of using it makes the difference.
For this season we have thought of different possibilities of use, because we too, like many others, are fond of broderie anglaise.
So we mixed it with other fabrics, used it in different patterns together…in short, we played and tried to make it different.
Now we show and explain how:

  • MIX of different patterns: two different designs combined together visually create an interesting game of transparency and three-dimensionality.
  • Paired with flowing fabrics that give an overall more occasion-worthy look, the focal point for the Spring/Summer collections.
  • The latest version is the easiest of all, the combination with jersey, which is not pure avant-garde, but which working with shapes creates something different.